QSR Cloud
Improving Visualization for QSR vendors

QSR Cloud provides an Enterprise Level Cloud Solution for Hospitality Industry for Customers using Restaurant Manager POS.

Its has the ability to improvise facility management and review various aspect of hospitality industry while saving management time.

QSR Consolidation

It integrates various business of hospitality industry like sales transaction, labor management, inventory tracking, COG, cash flow & accounting audit reporting.

  • Transaction Management
  • Employee Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Goods Management
  • Cash Management and more

Multi-Brand Consolidation

Our solutions have impacted brands like Starbucks, Coffee Beans Tea Leaf, Baja Fresh, Organic to Go, Yogurtland, 360 Burrito and many more across various Airport across US.

Time Saving

Consolidating all information from different data sources into a single platform helps to reduce back-office time and provides greater efficiency to stakeholders of the company. .


Our Solutions helps to provide audit exception and catch them using a single report which would take hours to find for Auditor which makes it invaluable for company owners.

Value Proposition

  • Hugh reduction in back office work
  • Fine grain and proactive monitoring of business process
  • Monitoring KPI effectively across the multiple locations
  • Automation of audit process and many more.