VATA-Voyager Software
Improved Visualization Solutions for Voyager Cloud.

Improve Visual Management ability for Property Management Software (PMS) for Visual Insight.

Provide an Enterprise Consolidate Residential and Commercial Property Management Software data for better Visual Analytics relevant to your business. Add VATATM customized reports which integrates PMS data with multiple source of data for holistic approach.

State of Art Visualization Tool

VATA follows Visual Management lifecycle from Display, Measure and Control the data for a comprehensive control over process and prevent future improvement.

State of Art Visualization Tool1
Visual Aggregator11

Visual Aggregator

VATA-Voyager Visual Aggregator Tool consolidates data from multiple Property sources into a single database to create a 360 degree view of your Property Business which combine Residential Information with other Lifestyle KPI Information, Financial Information, Demographic Information, Healthcare Information and Others.

Visual Workflow

VATA-Voyager can simplify visualization by integrating multiple workflows including Residential, Lifestyle, Financial, Demographic, Healthcare and other attributes. This will make Visual Data Analysis more Powerful, Efficient and Accurate; tailored to your business requirements like.

  • Streamline different department workflow
  • Match Residential data with other lifestyle parameters
  • Track Key performance using MI/MO
  • And compare the overall growth.
visual aggregator111

Financial Visibility

VATA-Voyager can vastly improve financial visibility for each Unit by interconnecting multiple financial information with GL statement for Year to Year financial comparison.

Use Financial Module to investigate GL statement smoothly and create a complete picture of the financial visual analysis, which is required for GAAP and IFRS requirements. This Financial module helps to visualize data periodically regarding Total Rental Income, Expenses, Trial Balance Report and General Ledger Report.

Modular Platform Expansion

Build a modular enterprise solution by adding Time Management, Payroll Management, New Construction Management, New Tenant Traffic Management and much more.

Extend the VATA-Voyager platform with integrated value-add products addition using multiple VATA-Voyager Suite which provides ability to modularly grow the product as and when your company’s requirement changes.This is a flexible and scalable platform which gives the user full hand to tweak the tool as per his demand.