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About YT Solutions

YT Solutions stands for “Your Trusted Solutions”, was established in 2006 to deliver innovative technology solutions to customers in North America. We deliver solutions using a combination of business consulting, flexible product framework design and strong product delivery team which the client can trust to use in their business.

YT Solutions has developed unique software product suite in a tough market condition by identifying niche industrial problems and delivering solutions within Hospitality Industry , Real Estate Industry and Manufacturing industry. This has been possible due to our consulting and gap analysis team and agile software delivery model to develop innovative solutions quickly which provides client high ROI.

YT Solutions has strong team in areas of business consulting, software engineering and client support to help provide value to our customer on periodic basis. Our team work under the agile management of software engineering where we are continuously delivering functionalities to our customers in short burst of development lifecycle.

Our Clients Say's

  • Ken T.  ( Operation Head )
    “ VATA-JB has vastly improved job workflow across various department which helped supervisors provide improved Visual Management across various manufacturing Plant. ”
    Ken T. ( Operation Head )
    Chicago Mold Manufacturing Plant
  • Willie C. ( VP Manufacturing )
    “ VATA-JB assisted in consolidating multi-location ERP information and provide analytics tool for insightful information for better business decision. ”
    Willie C. ( VP Manufacturing )
    Los Angeles Aircraft Microparts Manufacturing
  • Giancarlo Meazzo ( Controller)
    “ QSR Cloud consolidates multiple Quick Service Restaurant Vendors like Startbucks, Yorgurtland, Carls Jr, BajaFresh and 20+ brands and help concessionaire in Los Angeles Airport, Las Vegas Airport & San Diego Airport to perform Audit.”
    Giancarlo Meazzo ( Controller)
    Concession multi-brand Company operating in US Airports
  • Juliet J. ( Controller)
    “ VATA-Voyager aggregates data from 100+ building in Los Angeles Property Management companies and provide Residential and Lifestyle Analytics for better financial decision”
    Juliet J. ( Controller)
    West LA Property Management Company