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YT Solutions is built around team who are passionate about technology and eager to understand business challenges. Our company is driven to build quality software and give practical solutions to real world complex problems. YT team proactively focus on strong consulting, structured process mapping and ingenious technology solution, which helps to provide company stockholders informed decision for their business.

VATA-JB Solutions
VATA-JB Solutions

  YT JobShop  allows you to gain greater insight into the inner workings of your business by providing interactive analytical data via live ...

YT QSR Solutions
YT QSR Solutions

YT QSR©provides an integrated customized solution to  hospitality industry customers using Restaurant Manager POS. Its has the ability to improvise facility management and review various aspect of hospitality industry while ...


What our clients say

  • YT Solutions have helped us to improve audit trails and give greater visibility to transaction data using YT QSR

    - Organic to Go, San Diego, CA

  • YT QSR©  software solutions help to drastically reduced back-office time and improve front office customer service. Thanks to YT team.

    -  Baja Fresh Manager Los Angeles, CA

  • Our customers are able to visualize  data accurately which  provides valuable information to our customers.

    - Real Estate Company Santa Barbara, CA

  • YT Connector helped to improve our marketing campaign and improve data analytic to our client.

    - VP Technology Los Angeles,CA