VATA Framework
Visual Management Framework.

VATA is Visual Analytical Tooling Aid which provides a software framework for Visual Management.

Key benefits to using VATA is to leads to information sharing, facilitates business user autonomy, foster continuous improvement plan, enable quick resolve and recovery, promotes prevention and many more.

Visual Lifecycle Phase

VATA follows Visual Management lifecycle from Display, Measure and Control the data for a comprehensive control over process and prevent future improvement.

Visual Display & Control

VATA provides a framework for Visual Management which helps display data and control alerts for proper management for workflow across all department within a business.

Flexible Templates

VATA provides the most flexible framework for Visual Management. Our templates are suitable for any layout of data and be molded into any form based on client requirement. For more information please contact our team to show you data on VATA template.

Alert Management

VATA framework trigger flexible framework which is able to apply multiple business rule on top of VATA template which provides color coded alerts and across multiple screens.